From telemetry to data hosting and treatment, solar power to systems integration, you can be sure that Oxford Blue Systems have the capability you need.

Systems Integration

Oxford Blue Systems brings together both established and evolving technologies. We design and build monitoring solutions to your meet your requirements.

Let us look after the assembly and inter-connection and leave you to concentrate on your core skills.


We have experience in most forms of telemetry and will select the most appropriate for the  conditions, data volume and transmission requirements.

RF (ISM band), GPRS/GSM/CDMA, Satellite (Iridium, Inmarsat), Inductive mooring line.

Data Hosting and Treatment

The consequence of telemetry is how to handle the received data. Single channels may be read directly into dedicated supplier software but combined data streams will need careful handling, parsing and processing. The results can be displayed in an easily understandable format with graphical display.  This may be available locally or remotely, via a website. Alarms and event messaging are also possible.

Solar Power

Sufficient auxiliary power will be included where necessary, based on the calculated power budget and local conditions. Separate and back-up circuits can be installed for critical systems. Your data is valuable and should not be risked for the lack of forethought.