Oxford Blue Systems supplies equipment to suit your project requirements. We deal with leading suppliers in their fields worldwide and have the experience and knowledge to match the equipment to your needs. Company short form brochure.

Sensors, Data Loggers, Magnetometers, Echo Sounders, Altimeters, Rugged Computers & Tablets, Data-Buoy systems etc.

Instruments and Sensors and anti-fouling

The instruments and sensors that are most suitable for the task will be selected based on their ability to complete the deployment at the accuracy and reliability required. Anti-fouling measures should be taken where necessary. Your data is valuable and should not be risked.

“Echologger” – precision Echosounders and Altimeters


 Echologgers offer good precision at an affordable price. The range encompasses three models; AA400 for autonomous deployment (with Bluetooth download), ECS/T400 ideal for integration into towfish or AUVs and the EU400 with USB connectivity for simple direct reading. Options include an integrated tilt sensor and data may be output to HYPACK in NMEA form.

Applications include Sedimentation and/or scour monitoring, Sea/river bed mapping, Wave & Tides and Harbour security.  Echologger Echosounders

Rugged computers for harsh environments

Oxford Blue Systems is an approved supplier for Handheld IP65/67 rated rugged notebooks, tablets and PDAs for fieldwork in harsh environments. All products can withstand water, dust, shock and wide temperature changes.  Options include built-in WiFi, GPS and GSM modems.  Handheld delivers complete mobility solutions in industries such as logistics, forestry, public transportation, construction, military and security.  They have been used at sea by Puma Ocean racing and for diving and marine exploration.

Follow this link more details Handheld summary

Data buoys & drifters

Whether you’re looking for single channel monitoring recorded autonomously or large scale multi-parameter off-shore metocean measurements with real-time access to data and intelligent alarms, Oxford Blue Systems has the solution.

The new Prefect series of instrumented data-buoys for metocean and environmental monitoring cover a spectrum of applications from inland waters, estuarine and coastal through to large offshore systems. The service includes the provision of secure hosted real-time data telemetry. Download the outline summary on Prefect data-buoys.

Small drifters come from Ocean Trek Research™ who has spent the last decade providing innovative solutions in the marine surveying environment. OTR build small tracking buoys with integrated communication and mapping for drifting ghost nets, oil spills and water quality monitoring and has secured contracts with OrbImage and NOAA research projects. Further customisation is possible for moored applications such as turbidity and water quality monitoring.

Moorings can make or break the venture. A good design can help to minimise costs in other areas such as flotation platform and telemetry. Oxford Blue Systems will work with a specialist designer to tailor the package to the location environment.

Tide & Waves, Water Level and Current Monitoring

The simplest solutions are often the most reliable. Pressure based technology has many advantages over float gauges in tidal measurement and Oxford Blue Systems can offer both submersible and barometric compensated “top-side” instruments. Instruments giving resolution to the “parts per thousand” are available. Acoustic instruments also have a part to play, especially if current measurements and wave direction are required. Oxford Blue Systems has the solution.

Aerial Reconnaissance

Airborne Technologies Inc. has been developing innovative remote sensing and survey solutions for over twenty years. ATI is dedicated to providing military, off-shore and scientific communities with flexible and affordable unmanned aircraft, autopilots, and related systems and worked with NASA and NOAA to provide aerial survey and debris monitoring.

The Resolution UAS provides a cost-effective real-time imaging and data acquisition platform for research and surveillance in sea or land-based applications. It has a flexible payload and includes IMU-based autopilot.