End of an era after 10 years

Oxford Blue Systems has ceased to be a Limited company. If you are interested in any of the products here please go to Swale Technologies Ltd who will be able to obtain them for you.

Oxford Blue Systems are also the UK representatives for JFE Advantech

JFE fluorometers-small

CTDs and sensors such as fluorometers, “Rinko” dissolved oxygen and turbidity sensors.  Contact us for further details.

Agency appointment for Sea & Sun Technology

Sea+sun logoWe are pleased to announce that at the Oceanology International exhibition in March we were appointed as agents for                  Sea & Sun Technology GmbH – the foremost German manufacturer of submersible sensors and data recorders for oceanographic and limnological applications. All instruments are built in titanium housings for utmost robustness which also avoids problems of plastic housings such as gas permeation or water absorption. Furthermore their instruments are delivered in rugged transit cases, complete with software, cable and accessories.

Sea & Sun’s range includes: CTDs, multi-parameter probes, a fast response dissolved oxygen sensor and a new Bluetooth® cable drum for real-time data acquisition.

IMP – integrated monitoring platform

The first of the IMP stations is announced for monitoring water level and weather parameters.

The IMP-WLM-100 combines an atmospheric pressure compensated measurement of water level together with a suite of weather sensors and is able to record or transmit data to where it may be needed.

Typical parameters include: Water level, Peak wave height, Rainfall, Wind speed & direction, Temperature and atmospheric pressure.

Boat wake detection, Harbour & Port monitoring, Storm surges, Ground water, borehole and river levels, together with local rainfall, all feature amongst the many applications.

Further details may be found in the data sheet.

SeaSPY2 Magnetometer supplied to GSI

We’re pleased to have been chosen by the Geological Survey of Ireland to supply seaspy_marine_magnetometera Marine Magnetics SeaSPY2 magnetometer.

The SeaSpy is easy to use, rugged and instantly deployable. It has the highest absolute accuracy on the market and furthermore, accuracy is maintained across the temperature range.

Echosounders from E of E Ultrasonics.

We can now supply the “Echologger” range of low cost precision echosounder altimeters from E of E ultrasonics.

There are three models; AA400 for autonomous deployment, ECS/T400 ideal for integration into towfish or AUVs and the EU400 with USB connectivity for simple direct reading.

Applications include Sedimentation and/or scour monitoring, Sea/river bed mapping, Wave & Tides and Harbour security.

Handheld have updated the XRW

The new Algiz XRW from Handheld is a slim, lightweight, compact and fully rugged notebook that delivers unprecedented performance in the field. Its 10.1-inch touchscreen display features MaxView technology, providing spectacular screen clarity and brightness in any outdoor condition, even direct sunlight. The Algiz XRW is one of the lightest and most compact rugged notebooks on the market, weighing in at a mere 1.5 kg.  The new Algiz XRW features include:


  • A fast and powerful N2600 1.6 GHz Dual-Core Intel® ATOM™ processor.
  • A larger 128 GB solid-state disk.
  •  Twice the memory, with 4 GB of DDR2 RAM.
  • Newly optimized integrated u-blox GPS for better field performance.
  • Added data security with TPM chipset board.
  • An updated version of the optional Gobi™ 3000 technology.

Contact us for more details


Unmanned remote aerial reconnaissance and sensing

Oxford Blue Systems is pleased to welcome Airborne Technologies Inc (ATI) aboard.
ATI has been developing innovative remote sensing and survey solutions for over twenty years and is dedicated to providing military, off-shore and scientific communities with flexible and affordable unmanned aircraft, autopilots, and related systems. Clients have included NASA and NOAA for aerial survey and debris monitoring.

The Resolution-3 is compact enough to be carried in an SUV and launched from land or a small vessel. It is designed for use at sea and can land in the water. It has a flexible payload area and can be equipped with GPS, telemetry, high resolution cameras or thermal imaging. It can carry other sensors or even a small floating beacon which can be released once something of interest is found, and transmit its location for tracking.  It brings a new methodology of sensing and surveillance into the realms of affordability.

Ocean Trek Research join the fold

Alaskan based Ocean Trek Research (OTR) are the latest to join the group of strategic partners of Oxford Blue Systems. OTR has spent the last decade providing innovative solutions in the marine surveying environment. They build small tracking buoys or drifters with integrated communication and mapping for drifting ghost nets, debris or oil spills and has secured contracts with OrbImage and NOAA research projects.

Oxford Blue Systems will develop the buoys with further customisation for moored applications such as turbidity and water quality monitoring.

Handheld rugged computing in all weathers.

IP65 & 67 rated computers from Handheld

Handheld computers has appointed Oxford Blue Systems as an approved partner to supply their range of rugged mobile computers (Notebooks, Tablets and PDAs) for fieldwork in harsh environments.

The range is either IP65 or IP67 rated and can withstand water, dust, shock and wide temperature changes.  Options include built-in WiFi, GPS and GSM modems.  Handheld delivers complete mobility solutions in industries such as logistics, forestry, public transportation, construction, military and security and they have been used at sea by Puma Ocean racing and for diving and marine exploration.